Thinking About Selling Your Business?


You’ve Come To The Right Place!

Business owners contact me when they’re thinking about the day they might sell, and they’re wondering just how that process works.

They’re not sure when to sell, how to find the right buyer or how to keep it confidential. They’re not sure what their business is worth or how to get the most for it.

Just know this…

Selling your business will be one of the most important (and complex) decisions you will ever make.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your employees to do it right.

The success or failure of this decision will be directly related to the skill used in determining your company’s value, finding the best buyer, negotiating the best price and deal terms, solving complex legal, tax and accounting problems, and arranging a timely closing.

The advantages of working directly with me…



When selling a business, confidentiality is very important. For many business owners it is their #1 concern.

No worries… I’ve got you covered!

I am acutely aware of how important maintaining your personal and company privacy is to you, so I start EVERY new client engagement with a written “Confidentiality Commitment”.

I know how to help you keep the sale of your business “quiet”, so your employees, customers, competitors, landlord, and vendors don’t find out,


Help From An Expert

There are certain times, as a business owner, when it is OK to accept something “less than the best” or to “compromise”. Deciding who to hire to help sell your business is NOT one of those times.

I have been helping entrepreneurs buy, sell, and maximize business value for more than 25 years.

With a particular expertise in entrepreneurial and family held businesses valued between $200,000 and $20 million, I can help you maximize the value of your business by implementing an in-depth and comprehensive exit strategy customized specifically for your situation.


I Get Results

Here is what one of my clients had to say after I helped sell her business in just one day…


“Rick, I just wanted to thank you.

After my brother passed away, I tried to sell his business for almost a year with no luck. I spoke to you and in one day, you had a buyer!

The whole process went very smoothly and we were able to close on it in two weeks.

I would highly recommend you to anyone selling a business. You are very professional and easy to work with. You knew what I needed and you found a buyer in less than a day!”

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Sure, you’ll have plenty of questions… how much is my business really worth? How can I keep all this confidential? Is now a good time to sell? How long will it take? Should I pass it on to my kids?  And on and on…

Here’s the deal…

I start with a free, no cost, no obligation consultation, including a free valuation that will help you understand what a qualified buyer is likely to pay for your business. This valuation will help you understand “the realities of the marketplace” so your business can be priced at the top price a buyer is likely to pay in today’s market.

No doubt about it, exiting a business is a very complicated and stressful process. And that’s where I can help by taking much of the uncertainty out of the equation.

Rick Fulton - Maximize business value

IMPORTANT: All of the information you share with me will be kept completely confidentialFor more information or to set-up a confidential meeting, please fill out the form below.