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Here are the top 10 reasons why selling a business is so hard in today’s “Digital Disruption” economy:

exit planning for business owners in New Jersey

10. Business buyers don’t really know what they want to buy, but as in art, they will recognize it when they see it.

9. Buyers are overwhelmed with opportunities and don’t know how to separate the good from the bad.

8. Sellers don’t want to sell for too little.

7. Buyers don’t want to pay too much.

6. Neither the buyer or the seller really knows what the business is worth. But you can bet they will have an opinion!

5. Sellers do not know how to effectively market a business for sale.

4. Business owners are very poor negotiators when it comes to selling their own business. They are too emotionally involved!

3. Neither the buyer nor the seller know how to best structure a deal in such a way that both parties win.

2. Business owners don’t want their employees, vendors, or anyone else to know they are even thinking about possibly selling their business. They want it to be a secret!

What they really want to tell us is…

“Don’t let anyone know my business is for sale, but sell it for the best price to a person who doesn’t know they want to buy it… and do it quickly.”

… and the #1 reason selling a business is so difficult?

1. They don’t have me!

BEFORE you go to market with your business, it is critical to “properly position your business” for MAXIMUM value and sellablity. Otherwise you will leave thousands and thousands of dollars on the table.

Stop hitting the snooze button – it is your money. Let me show you how to go and get it!

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